USDA Processing

We have our own USDA Processing facility on the farm. We are one of only a handful of farms that have their own USDA facility on the farm. It is so small that there is only ~100 poultry processing facilities in the nation. This includes Tyson, Perdue, and the other big folks. Now imagine how many is left and go down even further and imagine how many are on farms raising their own animals. I would guess it is around 5-10 in the nation.

If you are looking for USDA Processing for you farm? We can get you on the calendar! All the poultry is air-chilled and uses organic antimicrobials. The red meat also only use organic antimicrobials. Everything is humanely handled and processed. Shoot us an email for more info and pricing/availability.

At this time we only slaughter/process chicken, duck, turkey, pig, lamb/sheep, and goat. We can also process bone broth and lard for you.

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